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Jenny Lind - Swedish Opera Singer Promoted By P.T. Barnum

Jenny Lind was a European opera star who came to America in 1850 for a tour promoted by the great showman Phineas T. Barnum. When her ship arrived in New York Harbor, the city went crazy. A massive crowd of more than 30,000 New Yorkers greeted her. And what makes that especially astounding is that no one in America had ever heard her voice. Barnum, who relished being known as The Prince of Humbug, had managed to create incredible excitement based purely on Linds reputation as The Swedish Nightinagle. The American tour lasted for about 18 months, with Jenny Lind appearing in more than 90 concerts in American cities. Wherever she went, her public image of a virtuous songbird who dressed modestly and donated money to local charities gained favorable mentions in the newspapers. After about a year, Lind split from Barnums management. But the atmosphere created by Barnum in promoting a singer no one in America had even heard became legendary, and in some ways created a template for show business promotion that endures to the modern era. Early Life of Jenny Lind Jenny Lind was born October 6, 1820 to an impoverished and unmarried mother in Stockholm, Sweden. Her parents were both musicians, and young Jenny began singing at a very early age. As a child she began formal music lessons, and by the age of 21 she was singing in Paris. She returned to Stockholm and performed in a number of operas. Throughout the 1840s her fame grew in Europe. In 1847 she performed in London for Queen Victoria, and her ability to make crowds swoon became legendary. Phineas T. Barnum Heard About, But Had Not Heard, Jenny Lind The American showman Phineas T. Barnum, who operated an extremely popular museum in New York City and was known for exhibiting the diminutive superstar General Tom Thumb, heard about Jenny Lind and sent a representative to make an offer to bring her to America. Jenny Lind drove a hard bargain with Barnum, demanding that he deposit the equivalent of nearly $200,000 in a London bank as an advance payment before she would sail to America. Barnum had to borrow the money, but he arranged for her to come to New York and embark on a concert tour of the United States. Barnum, of course, was taking a considerable risk. In the days before recorded sound, people in America, including Barnum himself, had not even heard Jenny Lind sing. But Barnum knew her reputation for thrilling crowds, and set to work making Americans excited. Lind had acquired a new nickname, â€Å"The Swedish Nightingale,† and Barnum made sure that Americans heard about her. Rather than promote her as a serious musical talent, Barnum made it sound like Jenny Lind was some mystical being blessed with a heavenly voice. 1850 Arrival in New York City Jenny Lind sailed from Liverpool, England, in August 1850 aboard the steamship Atlantic. As the steamer entered New York harbor, signal flags let crowds know that Jenny Lind was arriving. Barnum approached in a small boat, boarded the steamship, and met his star for the first time. As the Atlantic approached its dock at the foot of Canal Street massive crowds began to gather. According to a book published in 1851, Jenny Lind in America, â€Å"some thirty or forty thousand people must have must have been collected together on the adjacent piers and shipping, as well as on all the roofs and in all the windows fronting the water.† The New York police had to push back the enormous crowds so Barnum and Jenny Lind could take a carriage to her hotel, the Irving House on Broadway. As night fell a parade of New York fire companies, carrying torches, escorted a group of local musicians who played serenades to Jenny Lind. Journalists estimated the crowd that night at  more than 20,000 revelers. Barnum had succeeded in drawing enormous crowds to Jenny Lind before she had even sung a single note in America. First Concert in America During her first week in New York, Jenny Lind made excursions to various concert halls with Barnum, to see which might be good enough to hold her concerts. Crowds followed their progress about the city, and anticipation for her concerts kept growing. Barnum finally announced that Jenny Lind would sing at Castle Garden. And as demand for tickets was so great, he announced that the first tickets would be sold by auction. The auction was held, and the first ticket to a Jenny Lind concert in America was sold for $225, an expensive concert ticket by today’s standards and a simply staggering amount in 1850. Most of the tickets to her first concert sold for about six dollars, but the publicity surrounding someone paying more than $200 for a ticket served its purpose. People across America read about it, and it seemed the whole country was curious to hear her. Lind’s first New York City concert was held at Castle Garden on September 11, 1850, before a crowd of about 1,500. She sang selections from operas, and finished with a new song written for her as a salute to the United States. When she had finished, the crowd roared and demanded that Barnum take the stage. The great showman came out and gave a brief speech in which he stated that Jenny Lind was going to donate a portion of the proceeds from her concerts to American charities. The crowd went wild. American Concert Tour Everywhere she went there was a Jenny Lind mania. Crowds greeted her and every concert sold out nearly immediately. She sang in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Richmond, Virginia, and Charleston, South Carolina. Barnum even arranged for her to sail to Havana, Cuba, where she sang several concerts before sailing to New Orleans. After performing concerts in New Orleans, she sailed up the Mississippi on a riverboat. She performed in a church in the town of Natchez to a wildly appreciative rustic audience. Her tour continued to St. Louis, Nashville, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and other cities. Crowds flocked to hear her, and those who couldn’t hear get tickets marveled at her generosity, as newspapers ran reports of the charitable contributions she was making along the way. At some point Jenny Lind and Barnum parted ways. She continued performing in America, but without Barnum’s talents at promotion she was not as big a draw. With the magic seemingly gone, she returned to Europe in 1852. Jenny Lind’s Later Life Jenny Lind married a musician and conductor she had met on her American tour, and they settled in Germany. By the late 1850s they moved to England, where she was still quite popular.  She became  ill in the 1880s, and died in 1887, at the age of 67. Her obituary in the Times of London estimated that her American tour had earned her $3 million, with Barnum making several times more.

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Communication Reflection - 1225 Words

Last week, my group partners and I had a discussion for the business which was to choose a company that was adaptive to construct in Italy. This group is combined with six students. However, I find a problem that I cannot really reflect my value during the discussion. At the beginning of the discussion, each of us expressed our own opinions that what appropriate companies we knew. As the only foreigner in the group, I know fewer firms than other partners do. I shared information I knew and communicated with them. Then, we had some discussions about everyone’s opinion. I came up with some ideas but I did not know how to express them appropriately to others. On the one side, I could not directly deny others ideas; on the other side, I need†¦show more content†¦Although communication is by mouth, the body behavior is also important in the process especially the eye contact. The expression of the eyes can obviously tells others what you are thinking and whether you are co ncentrating. So to speak, communication is not a single activity but a whole-body activity. Communication is also an interesting thing because of the culture diversity. For instance, currently we are living in the college which is combined with students all around the world. Therefore, the backgrounds for most students are different, which include the language, custom, living environment. There are many misconceptions and awkwardness happening when talking with others. While I am communicating with foreign friends about my hometown and my country, I always do not know how to express the things that only exist in my hometown because they have the terminology. At this time, I begin my performance because I just can use my action to let them know the meaning. However, I think the action is one of the useful and efficient ways of communication. Others can know the meaning easily and vividly. Meanwhile, because of the various cultures, some same words and expressions in different backgrounds are in different meanings. The language is a really magical thing. Even some words in th e same language have the different meanings. For example, China is combined with 56 nations that have their own manners and customs.Show MoreRelatedReflection Of Communication And Communication1152 Words   |  5 Pages The first resources that I’ve learned from this course are using the multiple job websites online, we’ve had excellent communication between classmates on how we can benefit from using these sites out and look for specific jobs in our area. This will assist in work as a counselor because it will help in my networking about the city I currently work in and learning about how to make my resume stick out. The second fact that I’ve learned in this course is finding balance in your life so that youRead MoreEssay on Communication Reflection1228 Words   |  5 Pagesworkplace, do everything that I can to create a sense of team, establish a good line of communication, involve everyone in the decision-making process, and develop a common goal (Peters on, 2007). Contributing to the Team Dynamics Once I knew my team members, to relieve my personal anxiety and address my bias, I took the initiative to send out an email to create a positive team atmosphere and encourage communication amongst the team (Greg, 2006). Within the first day, one of the team members took theRead MoreReflection On Interpersonal Communication1724 Words   |  7 Pageswhen we talked about non-verbal communication, I realized that it is impossible to not communicate. There are many activities, other than the use of language, that allow us to draw meaning from something we observe. When my mother widens her eyes at me without stating a word, I understand she is telling me to think twice about the action I’m about to take. It has been great to be able to assign concepts and vocabulary to interpersonal relationships and communication activity that I have been experiencingRead MoreCommunication Skills Reflection Paper1384 Words   |  6 PagesREFLECTIVE WRITING This essay is a reflection of my communication skills as shown in the attached video. I will reflect on the communication skills used, its effectiveness and ineffectiveness. Reflection aims at improving patient care and as part of the process, I will consider own future developmental needs and how this will help me in future. Ghaye and Lillyman (2010) defined reflection as a changing process for individual and their action. The communication skills demonstrated in the video areRead MoreCommunication Reflection Essay1431 Words   |  6 Pagesand casual dating relationship, we have experienced a fair amount of verbal and nonverbal communication. Our relational communication has brought along strengths and weaknesses that will become better after applying principles learned through a deeper understanding and analyzation of Social Penetration Theory, Expectancy Violations Theory, and conflict styles. Strengths Corbin and I have had good communication ever since we started to self-disclose more information about our lives to each other (GuerreroRead MoreCultural Communication Reflection Paper2206 Words   |  9 PagesThere were also smaller terms that dealt with the overall term. The terms I decided were the most that I found interesting and helpful. These terms helped me learn something out of this class, I never would of thought of specific ways of cultural communication is different for many. Understanding terms and talking about them in real life situations in class, was helpful to understanding these terms. They’re 6 key terms that are going to be explained, how they apply to class or life situation with myselfRead MoreCommunication Reflection845 Words   |  4 Pageslanguages, and health status. Communication is so important in our everyday lives and especially in the medical industry because we’re dealing with a person’s well-being. In addition to the whole idea of The Language of Caring lesson, the article â€Å"Are We Listening?† stressed how important positive communication was to be successful in the medical industry. It had a statistic from a study conducted by â€Å"CRICO Strategies that found 1,744 deaths related to communication failure† (Hadrych-Rosier 2017)Read MoreCommunication Reflection734 Words   |  3 PagesThroughout the course of our lectures, I was exposed to a vast array of knowledge that contradicted misconceptions that often went unquestioned. For example, the majority of university courses reinforce the notion of information assimilation and solely use this method of teaching. As a result, I blindly accepted the superiority of information assimilation over other teaching strategies. However, this course revealed the deficits within information assimilation and further enlightened students regardingRead MoreCommunication Reflection1068 Words   |  5 PagesCommunication II, only the first of many I will endure, was a successful one. This course was to make us better writers, and I certainly have improved. In this progress report, I will be discussing my strength and weakness, summary and respond by both audience and professor, and ways I learn to properly and effectively write each major reports, and my writing has improved in many ways. Strength This semester I was able to learn how to critically think through process of writing in ways I did notRead MoreCommunications Reflection Paper : Communication781 Words   |  4 PagesCommunications Reflection Paper Ethan Martin October 5 2015 Through a bullhorn, this world proclaims, â€Å"God is dead†. Under it’s breath, the earth whispers, â€Å" the very least, he is unplugged.†. Wholeheartedly I believe, as a result of my probing and questioning, these statements are simply untrue. Not only is He alive, the whole universe declares God to be a connected and loving being. Evidence to support God’s existence is unveiled through His communication towards us as a people

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Finding a Business Administration Career 2019

Business Administration careers have increased in demand considerably since the Industrial Revolution due to the advancement in the United States to big business and large corporations. A career in Business Administration offers perhaps more opportunities than any other career because its services are in demand in every arena of the business world. Employees that have chosen a Business Administration career have a myriad of options before them and hundreds of industries to choose from in which to utilize their skills. Business Administration careers range from industries such as Hospitality, Banking, and Community Outreach, to Insurance, Retail, and Government. Within these industries, even more opportunities are provided through the various departments of Business Administration including Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Directorships, Marketing and Sales, Consulting Services, Information Technology, Operations, and General Management. Education is key to success in a Business Administration career and greatly improves opportunities for advancement. Employers in most disciplines of Business Administration prefer, if not require, a college degree. Of the more popular disciplines, Finance and Sales, almost all employers require degrees. Of the remaining services, the greater the level of education obtained by the Business Administration employee, the greater the chances of success in any industry. .u5608dfd388349e005fa2b8b51dc05f23 { padding:0px; margin: 0; padding-top:1em!important; padding-bottom:1em!important; width:100%; display: block; font-weight:bold; background-color:#eaeaea; border:0!important; border-left:4px solid #34495E!important; box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); -moz-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); -o-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); -webkit-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); text-decoration:none; } .u5608dfd388349e005fa2b8b51dc05f23:active, .u5608dfd388349e005fa2b8b51dc05f23:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; text-decoration:none; } .u5608dfd388349e005fa2b8b51dc05f23 { transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; } .u5608dfd388349e005fa2b8b51dc05f23 .ctaText { font-weight:bold; color:inherit; text-decoration:none; font-size: 16px; } .u5608dfd388349e005fa2b8b51dc05f23 .post Title { color:#000000; text-decoration: underline!important; font-size: 16px; } .u5608dfd388349e005fa2b8b51dc05f23:hover .postTitle { text-decoration: underline!important; } READ Educational Requirements for Post-Secodary TeachingObtaining the education for a successful career in Business Management has never been more convenient than it is today, with many colleges offering online degrees and more convenient evening and weekend classes for students. Colleges such as University of Phoenix, Ashford University, Warren National University provide online Bachelors and Masters degree programs to students who wish to pursue a career in Business Administration. These colleges provide the necessary skills for a successful Business Administration career offer courses that cover such issues as human resource challenges, financial document analysis, investment and portfolio analysis, critical thinking, risk management, technological innovation, and conflict management. A career in Business Administration offers many challenges and responsibilities unique to each individual industry and specialization. The Marketing industry of Business Management offers a career as a Manager, Entrepreneur, Consultant, or Executive. Duties of a Marketing career include direction of marketing strategy and activity, staff coordination and management, market forecasting, direction of marketing campaigns, sales analysis, and market research. The Information Technology career of Business Administration consists of duties such as consultation, system analysis, and e-business management and development. Duties specific to a Business Administration career in Human Resources consist of policy and procedure development and implementation, orientation and training, hiring and termination, assessment and evaluation, resolution of employee conflict, facilitation of employee communication, and administration of wages and benefits. Lastly, duties of careers in the financial arena of Business Administration consist of portfolio and investment analysis, financial statement analysis, risk assessment and reduction, and credit intermediation, to name a few. .u13854c26c6f5fdd469adcad4f1cd3a08 { padding:0px; margin: 0; padding-top:1em!important; padding-bottom:1em!important; width:100%; display: block; font-weight:bold; background-color:#eaeaea; border:0!important; border-left:4px solid #34495E!important; box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); -moz-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); -o-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); -webkit-box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17); text-decoration:none; } .u13854c26c6f5fdd469adcad4f1cd3a08:active, .u13854c26c6f5fdd469adcad4f1cd3a08:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; text-decoration:none; } .u13854c26c6f5fdd469adcad4f1cd3a08 { transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; } .u13854c26c6f5fdd469adcad4f1cd3a08 .ctaText { font-weight:bold; color:inherit; text-decoration:none; font-size: 16px; } .u13854c26c6f5fdd469adcad4f1cd3a08 .post Title { color:#000000; text-decoration: underline!important; font-size: 16px; } .u13854c26c6f5fdd469adcad4f1cd3a08:hover .postTitle { text-decoration: underline!important; } READ IT Colleges Are The Path To IT CareersThe advantage of choosing a career and pursuing and education in Business Administration is that its disciplines are expected to consistently increase in demand, making it an increasingly popular career choice among students and employees. Related ArticlesBusiness Administration ManagementBusiness Administration Careers You Should ConsiderThe Information Technology Industrys Fast GrowthBachelor Degree in Business Focus Business Career Options with an Emphasis in FinanceEarning a Degree in Business AdministrationFind Business and Management Degree Programs

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Action Research Is Not Only Collect Data Essay - 1030 Words

The purpose of action research is not only collect data but to aim for useful data that can be used to change the lives around us. According to Esterberg, â€Å"action researchers see knowledge as power† (pg. 137) thus meaning if individuals can see the inequality around them and are educated on it then they can use the â€Å"power† to change society and promote equality. 2. Describe the three varieties of action research. The three varieties of action research include participatory action research (PAR), feminism action research, and evaluation research. Participatory action research focuses on â€Å"the active participation of those being researched† (pg. 137). Meaning, there is a focus on equal participation between the researcher and the people being observed. Feminist action research is the promotion for change. There is an â€Å"emphasize on political action and critique of model of research that emphasize on hierarchal relationship between he researcher and those being researched† (pg. 139). Evaluation research is the evaluation of a program or policy. This type of researchers focus on collaborating on field notes and collecting interviews from areas they are observing. 3. What does Esterberg mean when she states that action research is focused on â€Å"democratizing† the research process? When Esterberg states that action research is focused on â€Å"democratizing† the research process she is stating that the research is for everyone. Traditionally the researcher owns the work and data theyShow MoreRelatedThe Invasion Of Privacy And Concern For Safety1624 Words   |  7 Pagesmain issue is how does the government’s actions change how people view their own security and even national security. Broader theories of this research question would be how the government’s interaction with technology and security influence how people think about their own personal privacy and safety as well as our national security. Some central questions that are critical to how to analyze this growing problem are the following: What does the NSA really collect and how does that differ from what peopleRead MoreHuman And Environmental Behavior Projects : Visual Mapping And Engaged Action1646 Words   |  7 Pages Research methods used in human and environmental behavior projects: visual mapping and engaged action Research is a very important aspect of design and understanding how people interact with the landscape. Different areas of landscape architecture that benefit from multiple research methods. Human and environmental behavior is an area that studies how landscapes influence people (Powers 2009).Visual mapping and engaged action are some of the research methods that help with gathering data to findRead MoreQualitative Study1396 Words   |  6 Pagesthis research study is: The internet and student research: teaching critical evaluation skills. I believe that this title is suitable for the research study because it is an overview of the information that relates the point of the study itself which indicates a connection between students and their use of the internet when it comes to utilizing the internet as a research tool. The study reflects the central phenomenon by exploring the issues throughout the study by conducting action research usingRead MoreUsing The Quantitative Method, Data And Analyze The User Satisfaction At Library Facility1325 Words   |  6 Pages3.0 INTRODUCTION This specific chapter is actually consisting in the research style, data variety, technique, analysis method, data analysis and conclusion. In general, methodology of this research is to use the quantitative method and explain in more detail about setting questionnaire interview methods are also discussed in this chapter. The main method used in the approach introduced and explain more detail about the method or instrument that were use to analyze the application in quantitativeRead MoreA Balanced Literacy Plan For The Literacy Program1128 Words   |  5 Pagesassessments, I feel that I have mastered standards 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4. I can successfully use data from assessment tools to guide the instruction needed within my classroom or on an individual basis. As a classroom teacher, I work closely with the Title I teacher and the Literacy Coach to administer Words Their Way Primary Spelling Inventory assessment, data was gathered and evaluated, and based on the data; we created s pecific literacy centers that addressed those deficit areas. The Words Their WayRead MoreBusiness Marketing1063 Words   |  5 Pagesinclude economic infrastructure , consumer income and purchasing power , currency exchange rates is also shape global marketing efforts . The last one is political-regulatory climate . Its for marketing in a country or region of the world means not only identifying the current climate but determining how long a favorable or unfavorable climate will last . LO3. Exporting , licensing , joint venture , and direct investment are four alternative approaches for entering global markets . Exporting involvesRead MoreA Research Study On Human Beings Are Known For Being Creative Thinkers And Innovators1023 Words   |  5 Pagesgathered data, and analyze it to look for an answer that would benefit humankind. This type of inquiry is called research, but it goes deeper than just analyzing data. Testing, implementing, and adjusting this data is what yields the end results. Education is a sector in which research plays a pivotal role to achieve desired goals in the classroom. Every school year teachers and administrators seek to help their students by bridging academic gaps. By doing so, they look into research to assistRead MoreResearch, Experimentation, Observation, Action Research And Focus Groups1424 Words   |  6 Pagesunderstanding of one of the research methods such as survey, case studies, experimentation, observation, action research and focus groups. It explains advantages and disadvantages of the research method through examples. Furthermore, it gives correct philosophical perspective to the method and describes method considering different aspects affecting the implementation of research such as risk, cost, time and expertise. 1. Introduction Research method is a way to approachRead MoreLearning Evaluation Assignment1671 Words   |  7 PagesI expect this piece of research to give me confidence. In future, I shall not be afraid to look at a new idea and try it out – under controlled conditions – to see whether it improves my practice. I recognise that a willingness to experiment in this way, bearing in mind the curriculum, and the demands of achievement criteria, will keep teaching and learning fresh and exciting. At best, the impact on the learners will be to maintain or enhance their enthusiasm, and to improve their ability to understandRead MoreStrengths And Weaknesses Of Experimental Research1459 Words   |  6 PagesExperimental Research: Is a form of quantitative research where the experimenter manipulates the conditions in one group to see if certain activities or materials will change the outcome. The strengths of experimental research are researcher can have control over variables, can be used in many fields of research, there are clear conclusions, research can tailor the experiment to his or her needs easy to determine the causes and effects. The weaknesses of experimental research are there

Hinduism and Mahabharata Free Essays

Reflections From The Mahabharata Jeremy Bartel The Mahabharata is one long detailed epic, it is one of the oldest books the world has. However The Mahabharata is more than just collection of verses and poems, it illustrates beliefs and religious views of this ancient society. Some of the major themes are,ethics of right and wrong,and wrestling with ones place and how to act accordingly in their caste system,and of course at the end trying to figure what our purpose is in life not just individually but universally. We will write a custom essay sample on Hinduism and Mahabharata or any similar topic only for you Order Now All of these examples suggests and leads one to believe without a doubt that the epic was written with intent of reflecting on the social, and religious beliefs at that time. So how does the Mahabharata reflect on the religious and social values of this ancient society that created it? The Mahabharata has one overarching theme that sums up the whole epic, that being the theme of fulfilling your sacred duty. This is known throughout the hindu culture as dharma, and according to their law everyone is assigned to a role within the caste system. The Mahabharata is all about achieving your sacred duty, or suffering the consequences of failing to accomplish your task. One specific example of this is when Arjuna is struggling with attacking and killing who he considers close friends and family during the war. However Krishna is there remind him that it is his dharma to carry out his role as a warrior. Most of the main characters belong to this warrior caste and all must carry out their duties of honor and bravery in accordance to that caste. This theme of dharma goes way beyond just the book but it is a main focal point in hindu religion and thinking. Which most likely why it was such a huge factor in the book, because to the people who created this book that was highest goal to achieve. During this great speech given to Arjuna by Krishna he discusses what it means to seek renunciation, and relinquishment. Krishna tells Arjuna that renunciation is â€Å"giving up those works which are prompted by desire. † Krishna also explains what is meant by relinquishment, which means â€Å"the abandonment of fruits of all works. The message he is teaching Arjuna goes back to his role or duties within his caste. Arjuna must not think that he is destroying anyone or killing them but simply sending them to heaven, because every soul is immortal and simply takes a new form. So because of this Arjuna must rise up and fulfill his Ksatriya or warrior role and destroy his enemies because that his is caste in life. These ideals are v ery similar to that of the hindu religion in regards of reincarnation, where a soul is immortal and does not perish but comes back to take a different form in a new caste. Evidence like this only suggests that religion was a major factor in writing this epic, and was the main themes of the hindu religion are seen as main themes throughout this composition of literature. The other major evidence that points towards this text reflecting the religious and social values of the society that created it was the question of purpose in life after the war. Once the war was over Yudhishthira, decides that he does not want to rule over this land because of all the violence and losses of men. He is saddened at the thought of so many dead he says â€Å"I caused the destruction of my kinsman and the cause of extermination of my own race. † The message of duty completing ones sacred duty is heard again, this time it is Bhima who is reassuring the king that his deeds were necessary. This idea dharma is illustrated yet again which shows just how important it is to the people who created this story. They would not have continually brought up the cultural belief of dharma if it was not an integral part of their society and religious beliefs. To seek a purification for all his sins Yudhishthira performs a sacrifice of a horse, which would purge him of all his wrongdoings. Once this ceremony was over did he go back into the city to rule. This part of the Mahabharata is a lot like the vedas we discussed in class which was a normal practice of the people who were living in this time period. Vedas were ritual sacrifices used for reasons much like that of Yudhishthira to purify oneself and it yet again more proof that the Mahabharata reflects greatly on social and religious values of that society. Many years go by and after the death of other characters Yudhishthira embarks on an asceticism journey which after 36 years leads him to the gates of heaven. The group he began with as all perished along the way, all except his dog who makes it to the top of the mountain with him. Once at the gate he must past a series of tests, the first being he can only enter heaven if he leaves the dog. He refuses however because the dog was so faithful throughout his journey, he passes that test because the dog was the god Dharma in disguise. The next one he learns his family is in hell and he chooses to join his loved ones in hell, e passes that last test and his allowed into heaven with his loved ones. This idea of passing tests also is evidence for the case that the Mahabharata used the religious and social values of the ancient society, because in that cultural ones actions whether good or bad determined if one was to make it to heaven. Heave was also not a permanent place because of the nev er ending cycle of life. All of these themes and examples are solid evidence in supporting the claim that the Mahabharata was in fact very reflective of religious and social culture and values of the ancient people that wrote the epic. Time and time again there is evidence sprinkled throughout the entire book that shows the inspiration of the idea for this book, came directly from the ideas and beliefs that were held with the most regard back in those days. Which were fulfilling your dharma, and if you live within your caste system then by that nature you have done good deeds and are worthy of heaven reward. ——————————————– [ 1 ]. Narasimhan, Mahabharata,1997),124 [ 2 ]. Narasimhan, Mahabharata,1997), 124 [ 4 ]. Narasimhan, Mahabharata,1997),194 [ 3 ]. Narasimhan, Mahabharata, 1997, 190 [ 5 ]. Narasimhan, Mahabharata,1997),212 How to cite Hinduism and Mahabharata, Essay examples

Digital Marketing for E-commerce and Social Media- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theDigital Marketingfor E-commerce and Social Media. Answer: Haighs experiences a strong brand awareness in Australia, and has gained this through strong word of mouth promotions that came about because of its excellent products and service. They boast of a good brand recall and recognition because of a unique, favorable and strong brand image (Kohler 2013). To make sure there is continued engagement with the customers, Haighs invests in having a rich online presence to serve their primary marketing objective and also allow their customers to shop online. This method has helped Haighs in not only having a good sales increment, but also promoting the company to a wider range of clients and developing the effectiveness of their distribution methods. Social media is used by Haighs for product promotion, customer engagement, reduction in marketing costs and in a short time reach a wider group of clients ( 2017). With the advent of e-commerce and social media, the traditional bricks and mortar retailing came under fire. With this situation, Haighs moved to servicing its customer base through the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and so on. With their social media solution Haighs got hold of a new seamless revenue stream that integrated with their brand platform. With rigorous customer research in place, their Facebook and Twitter pages culminated into a truly responsive user interface that brought in more attention to the brand, all the whole remaining true to their heritage. These pages acted as a steady revenue stream, which had their infrastructure and analytics in place so that there is no lack in providing Haighs with the required functionality and information to further broaden and better their services, customer experiences, reach and comprehend the revenue potential of these social media platforms. Their own website is a tease for people with a sweet-tooth (Smith 2013). Haighs first started out with Facebook, moving on to Twitter later. Facebook should be on top of the list for Haighs. Facebook has the largest number of audience, but Twitter has the younger demographic. Therefore, it comes second after Facebook. Another reason for why Facebook comes before Twitter is that for every one million Twitter followers there were 300 interactions when in case of Facebook it is 700 interactions. The key is that Facebook content has more lifespan than a Tweet, which needs multiple tweeting (Humphrey 2015). References 2017.Home page - Haigh's Chocolates. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Sep. 2017]. Humphrey, M. 2015.Forbes Welcome. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Sep. 2017]. Kohler, A. 2013.A family of chocoholics. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Sep. 2017]. Smith, P. 2013.Chocolatier Haighs considers virtual doors. [online] Financial Review. Available at: [Accessed 3 Sep. 2017].

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Research Report on Animal Cloning for Biological Technique

Question: Discuss about theResearch Report on Animal Cloning for Biological Technique. Answer: Introduction Cloning is a biological technique that is used to create a new organism that is genetically identical to another organism. The first idea of cloning was brought forward by German Embryologist Hans Spemann in 1935. However, initially, only trees and plans were cloned successfully. Animal cloning attempts were started much later around the 1980s when various species like frogs, pigs and others were used to develop clones. The first successful clone of a mammal was of a sheep (named Dolly) that was born in 1996 (Song et al., 2016). From that point of time till now, many attempts have been made to clone various other species especially critically endangered or extinct species so that they can be brought back into the world. However, the cloned animals were born, most of them died early due to various organ complications (lung problems in most of the cases). Moreover, it has been found that of all cloning experiments conducted, only around 30% have been successful. With increasing researc h on cloning, ideas have arisen regarding the possibility of cloning a human being (Bohrer Bordignon, 2016). However, human cloning has since been branded as illegal in order to protect ethical and religious beliefs of many communities. Before this, human cloning experiments have been conducted and some scientists were even successful in cloning human embryos. In recent times, researchers have proposed to conduct cloning techniques for therapeutic purposes. However, the ethical factor for such research is still under debate (as many consider it to be an unsafe technology and may result in abuse of the subject) and such, no such implementation has been done yet. In this research report, the subject of animal cloning has been researched in detail and its ethical implications have been discussed. Furthermore, a literature review has been conducted in order to gather some more information on the same topic. Animal Cloning: A Detailed Research Literature Review According to Heinrichs (2017), cloning or agamic generation is a normal type of reproduction that is mainly found in some plants and microorganisms. All plant organs can be wellsprings of agamic propagation, yet stems are the most widely recognized ones. Agamic multiplication incorporates maturing (jellyfish, corals and tapeworms), fracture (worms), and parthenogenesis (a few fishes, bugs, frogs and reptiles). Over the ground stems (stolons) of strawberry plants deliver new plants. Underground stems incorporate rhizomes, globules, corms and tubers. Leaves in irises and underlying foundations of aspen are additionally wellsprings of new plants. In animals the conceptive procedure is likewise broadened to the point that any instrument we can envision has just been executed (Slack, 2014). The different types of agamic multiplication exist together with hermaphroditism and indiscriminate outside and inner sexual intercourse. However, the majority of the animals replicate through partheno genesis just at specific circumstances. Aphids utilize parthenogenesis in the spring when they wind up with adequate sustenance. Parthenogenesis is faster than sexual proliferation and allows speedy abuse of accessible assets (Nichols, 2016). In bumble bees, prepared eggs move toward becoming females, while haploid unfertilised (parthenogenetic) eggs move toward becoming guys. However, it ought to be noticed that abiogenetic multiplication of warm blooded animals isn't a normally happening marvel in spite of the fact that in mammalian generation hereditarily indistinguishable people, known as monozygotic twins, do happen. As per Saliba et al. (2014), these can however not be considered clones in this regard on the grounds that: (a) they are not the consequence of agamic generation and (b) they share all their hereditary material where misleadingly delivered clones just offer their center DNA, though the mitochondrial DNA varies. Dynamic acceptance of agamic plant generation (utilizi ng joining and establishing) has been a typical practice in agribusiness since early mankind's history. It has been utilized to breed and hold especially attractive qualities, for example, development, flavor and protection. In this manner, cloning is another wonder in the historical backdrop of human advancement of ranch animal species (Dillen et al., 2013). The primary cloning investigates animals date from the nineteenth century. In 1891 Hans Driesch isolated the blastomeres (cells framed in the main phases of embryonic improvement) of a two-cell developing life of ocean urchin mechanically by shaking them in seawater. For this situation, one might say that people have utilized the normally happening procedure of generation of the coveted plant species. Be that as it may, with regards to cultivate animals, abiogenetic proliferation in nature is on a par with non-existent. They all imitate by joining the qualities of two individual life forms. The cells began to develop freely and shaped two entire ocean urchins (Ni et al., 2014). After eleven years a similar test, with comparative outcomes, was performed by Hans Spemann in a vertebrate (lizard) utilizing a hair from his child kid to isolate the cells. In any case, the inaccessibility of a productive taking care of framework and, all the more critically, absence of acknowledgment that mammalian oocytes and preimplantation incipient organisms require entirely controlled temperature for advancement hampered the use of the method to warm blooded creatures for just about 80 years (Jin et al, 2017). In the long run the primary fruitful fetus part was performed in local animals with the reason for quick augmentation of profitable people. A proficient animal cloning innovation would give numerous new chances to domesticated animals agribusiness, human prescription, and animal protection. Atomic cloning includes the generation of animals that are hereditarily indistinguishable to the contributor cells utilized as a part of a strategy known as Nucleus Transfer (NT). A large number of the pregnancy misfortunes identify with disappointment of the placenta to create and work accurately. Placental brokenness may likewise have an unfavorable effect on postnatal wellbeing (Ogura, Inoue Wakayama, 2013). These peculiarities are most likely because of off base epigenetic reconstructing of the contributor genome following NT, prompting improper examples of quality articulation amid the improvement of clones. Nonetheless, at exhibit it is a wasteful procedure: in dairy cattle, just around 6% of the developing lives exchanged to the conceptive tracts of beneficiary bovines result in solid, longterm surviving clones (Cibelli et al. , 2013). Of concern are the high misfortunes all through incubation, amid birth and in the post-natal period through to adulthood. While some physiological tests on surviving clones recommend typicality, different reports show an assortment of post-natal clone-related variations from the norm. This changeability in result may reflect species-particular or potentially cloning methodological contrasts. Significantly, to date it gives the idea that these clone-related phenotypes are not transmitted to posterity following sexual propagation. This demonstrates they speak to epigenetic blunders, as opposed to hereditary mistakes, which are amended amid gametogenesis. While this needs affirmation at the atomic level, it gives beginning trust in the principal use of NT in horticulture, specifically, the creation of little quantities of cloned cows from hereditarily recreated bulls, for normal mating, to successfully disperse hereditary pick up. Notwithstanding the animal welfare worries wit h the innovation, the hidden wellbeing of the animals and the significant impact on sustenance security are basic perspectives that expect examination to increase administrative and shopper acknowledgment (Fernandes et al., 2016). The fundamental procedure was first created in creatures of land and water in the 1950s and was utilized to explore atomic totipotency in separated cell populaces. In domesticated animals species, undifferentiated embryonic blastomeres were first utilized effectively in sheep, dairy cattle and pigs. In later circumstances, embryonic NT has been stretched out in mice to incorporate the utilization of other undifferentiated cell sorts including embryonic foundational microorganisms got from the internal cell mass of blastocysts. Future changes in animal cloning will to a great extent emerge from a more noteworthy comprehension of the atomic systems of reinventing. The creation of atomic clones is a multi-step process that basically produces a whole living be ing from the atomic deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of a solitary benefactor cell utilizing the nuclear transfer process (Yu et al., 2016). On the other hand, the utilization of more separated cell sorts got from either developing lives, embryos or most essentially grown-up animals, as on account of 'Dolly' the sheep, toppled a doctrine in science concerning atomic totipotency from grown-up cells and has opened new open doors and headings in look into. This has been named substantial cell NT to recognize it from embryonic NT. Methodology This research is mainly based on analytic study of existing works on animal cloning as well as review of current happenings regarding animal cloning research works. The entire research has been carried out with the help of extensive literature review that provided sufficient information regarding the history of animal cloning as well as future scope of research. Moreover, sources like research journals, newspapers and recent blogs have been used to find recent news of animal cloning research and what the scientists are currently trying to achieve. Discussion the likelihood of switching the procedure of cell separation and, subsequently, of utilizing more created cells for atomic exchange had been portrayed in 1938 by Hans Spemann. He proposed that one could exchange cores of morula organize incipient organisms (around 4 days old) or "more established cores of different cells" into enucleated eggs. He called the thought "to some degree phenomenal" as a result of the predictable specialized troubles. Abnormally, the two researchers who in the end completed Spemann's phenomenal analysis had not by any means found out about his proposition at the time. Utilizing frogs, Mohammed, Ma and Lei (2017) evacuated the cores of beneficiary eggs and embedded a contributor core. At first, the contributor cores were gotten from morula arrange incipient organisms. Later they originated from tadpoles and from intestinal epithelium. The strategy brought about an extensive accomplishment in early advancement of incipient organisms. Be that as it may, the mo re separated benefactor cells was, the less achievement could be acquired in the propelled phase of improvement. The work was proceeded by numerous researchers. By the by (albeit a few audits state generally), the full formative cycle couldn't be finished: giver cells from tadpoles brought about completely created frogs, and contributor cells from completely created frogs brought about tadpoles, yet no grown-up frogs were cloned from grown-up frog cells. It might seem impossible to miss that researchers did not endeavor to utilize grown-up physical cells as nucleic contributors in the mammalian investigations performed in the vicinity of 1986 and 1997. According to Keefer (2015), despite the fact that some prior productions had shown that refined cells of incipient organisms at a propelled phase of advancement could be utilized as givers for atomic exchange, the introduction of Dolly was required for wide acknowledgment that it was conceivable to clone a developed animal by evacuati ng the core of a physical cell from a grown-up and embeddings it into an enucleated egg. The cloned posterity disorder is a continuum, in that lethality or anomalous phenotypes may happen at any period of advancement, contingent on the level of dysregulation of key qualities, probably because of principal blunders in epigenetic reconstructing. Indeed, even evidently typical clones may have strange direction of numerous qualities that are excessively unpretentious, making it impossible to bring about a conspicuous phenotype. There has been much verbal confrontation about Dolly's abbreviated telomeres and the likelihood of untimely maturing and early beginning of illness in clones. Telomeres are districts of DNA at the finishes of chromosomes which continuously abbreviate after every cell division in most substantial cell sorts. While Dolly may have created joint inflammation and was euthanised at a generally youthful age on account of a virallyinduced lung tumor, this may have come a bout because of her to a great extent indoor lodging and dealing with instead of the way that she was a clone. Different examinations have been opposing concerning telomere length in clones, with reports of rebuilding to ordinary in dairy cattle and mice and even examples of broadened telomere lengths. The disclosure of a telomere length rebuilding process that happens amid early embryogenesis seems in charge of this. Typical telomere lengths have even been accounted for after rehashed recloning in mice and cows and particularly, in the spermatozoa of physical cell cloned bulls and ensuing descendants. Along these lines, in cows and mice in any event, it gives the idea that telomere disintegration by and large does not happen in clones and is thusly improbable to cause the long haul wellbeing and decreased future concerns raised by numerous current reports. The larger part of (male) mice cloned from youthful Sertoli cells kicked the bucket after roughly 500 days, which was around ha lf of the life expectancy in control mice. The reasons for death were extreme pneumonia and hepatic disappointment. It stays to be resolved whether this is a general wonder with clones, however it seems, by all accounts, to be both cell sort and genotype particular, with other cloned mice having evidently ordinary life expectancies. The mouse demonstrate has the upside of a shorter age interim and natural life expectancy to screen for these impacts. While it is empowering that a few examinations report ordinary soundness of four year old cow-like clones, it is too soon to recognize if phenotypes with shorter life expectancies will likewise happen among animals. In spite of the fact that an imperative issue, regardless of the possibility that cloning were to abbreviate life expectancy, it might be of little hugeness in farming. In business hamburger generation, for example, cows might be butchered at target live weight inside two years, or in the dairy business the normal life expect ancy of a bovine in the group is just six years. In these cases, the profitable existence of cultivated animals is considerably not as much as far as possible for the species. In any case, considers demonstrate that amongst weaning and four years old, the yearly death rate in steers cloned from physical cells is no less than 8%. This is in stamped differentiation to the unimportant mortality experienced with the posterity of clones and the commonly acknowledged mortality of 2% to 3% for every annum in traditional peaceful cultivating. In spite of the fact that the purposes behind death among the clones are variable, and some possibly preventable, the primary mortality factor past weaning is killing because of musculoskeletal variations from the norm. This incorporates animals with seriously contracted flexor ligaments and those showing unending faltering, especially in draining bovines. This accentuates the point that any fundamental frailties in cloned animals may not be completely uncovered until the point when the animals are worried in some way. Ethical Issues There are a lot of ethical issues associated with animal cloning. As a result of these issues, the animal cloning research has always faced obstacles. Some of the ethical issues with animal cloning are as follows. Animal Rights During the cloning of some species like Pyrenean Ibex (that has been extinct since 2000), the offspring was born successfully but died with a few days or months due to defective lungs. Some other offsprings of other species also died due to other complications. Even the first mammal clone Dolly the sheep died due to accelerated aging process. All these issues have angered the animal activists as they have since demanded stopping of such cloning research activities. According to their argument, cloning of animals is against the law of animal rights and should be banned like human cloning has been banned. Some activists have even termed animal cloning as a torture of the subject animal as well as the cloned animal (owing to the extreme amount of pain most of the cloned animals had to undergo due to various organ complications). Some activists have opined that as the animal cloning should be banned on the same grounds as human cloning. Human Cloning Since the first successful cloning of a mammal was achieved, scientists since have pondered over the idea of cloning human beings. Some scientists were even successful in cloning human embryos using biological fertilization processes. However, human rights activists raised some issues that render the human cloning process unethical. Some of the points that defy the process of human cloning are as follows. Torture: Human cloning is considered as torture of the subjects to some as they think most of the subjects will be unwilling to donate their cells for cloning. Moreover, it is also general belief that no individual will allow researchers to build a new version of him / her with the same looks and genetic characteristics. Security: Although no human clone has been developed yet, it is general belief that if such a clone is made, it will be exactly identical to the subject including genetic characteristics, facial looks, thumb prints and other exclusive individual human characteristics. However, it is feared that if the cloned individual becomes hostile and misuses the subjects identity, there will be no way to differentiate between the two individuals. Hence, there are always security issues related to the human cloning process. Religion: Another main obstacle faced by human cloning is the religious issue. Most religions believe cloning of human is against the Gods will as God is the one and only creator of life and human should not even try to take His place by these scientific experiments. Considering all the different views and risks, human cloning is finally banned all over the world. Conclusion In this research report, the subject of animal cloning has been researched in detail and its ethical implications have been discussed. Furthermore, a literature review has been conducted in order to gather some more information on the same topic. Regardless of the possibility that specialized challenges had been settled and the pregnancy rates enhanced, it would have remained the case that an incipient organism must be part one to two times and in this way can make at most two to four hereditarily indistinguishable kin through fake part. Every one of the analyses depicted above utilized embryonic cells as hotspots for contributor cores. In spite of the fact that an imperative issue, regardless of the possibility that cloning were to abbreviate life expectancy, it might be of little hugeness in farming. In business hamburger generation, for example, cows might be butchered at target live weight inside two years, or in the dairy business the normal life expectancy of a bovine in the gr oup is just six years. In these cases, the profitable existence of cultivated animals is considerably not as much as far as possible for the species. In any case, considers demonstrate that amongst weaning and four years old, the yearly death rate in steers cloned from physical cells is no less than 8%. This is in stamped differentiation to the unimportant mortality experienced with the posterity of clones and the commonly acknowledged mortality of 2% to 3% for every annum in traditional peaceful cultivating. References Bohrer, R. C., Bordignon, V. (2016). CLONING ANIMALS BY NUCLEAR TRANSFER.Biotechnology of animal reproduction/editors, Marcelo Marcondes, 293. Cibelli, J., Wilmut, I. S., Jaenisch, R., Gurdon, J., Lanza, R., West, M., Campbell, K. H. (Eds.). (2013).Principles of cloning. Academic press. 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