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Key Account Team (KAT) Essay Example for Free

Key Account Team (KAT) Essay Because of the ongoing emergency in contract sponsored protections showcase, CB’s changed its inside procedures to respond seriously and increment its piece of the pie. Two key changes happened: the formation of a Key Account Team (KAT) and the rebuilding of the division-wide execution the executives framework, which would help decide a salesperson’s yearly remuneration. In spite of the fact that there are a few burdens to the new framework, Winston ought to prescribe the KAT idea to other local administrators. The new framework not just assists directors with having a balanced comprehension of its salespeople’s execution, it likewise encourages the organization to distributed proper assets to lucrative records. Since the available protections bunch spoke to 60% of all out deals in the workplace, CB’s made KAT, a gathering of 5 exceptionally particular salesmen, to satisfy the requirement for more item skill in higher edge fragments. The benefit of having KAT was that clients currently had salesmen who offered inside and out, specialized guidance on explicit issues. Moreover, Kat alongside the new assessment framework expanded the recurrence of correspondence between the New York and Boston workplaces. Finally, the new structure permitted the best sales rep to be centered around the item requiring the most assistance. Then again, others contended that this change made it progressively convoluted to make enormous, multiproduct exchanges since more individuals should have been included. Another con was that sales reps felt excessively particular, consequently, restricting their vocation possibilities. By the by, the change had produced higher benefit per dollar of deals in the Boston Office. Also, with the new remuneration framework, commissions were driven by deals volumes in territories of specialization and not from interest in inside the customer base. This implied there was a considerably higher opportunities for sales reps to produce more salary. In this manner, particular sales reps were made up for this supposed constraint, implying that their tendency to leave the firm could be influenced. In spite of the fact that there are a few disservices to getting progressively particular, CB needs to oblige its customers and their needs so as to be serious. Along these lines, Winston ought to prescribe its new structure to other local supervisors in light of the fact that it’ll make the organization the one stop for organizations searching for specialization in more hazardous fragments.

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Impact of Globalisation on the Nature of Work in Developing Countries Essay

Effect of Globalization on the Nature of Work in Developing Countries - Essay Example adversely significantly more than the male partners in similar nations since they are less inclined to have the option to take up the gifted work openings. Augmenting Income Gaps There are different hindrances which accompany globalization. As globalization makes work for the gifted individuals and removes the equivalent from the individuals who are not expertly prepared, this will keep on extending the pay hole and these creating nations will wind up without a white collar class. A nation without a white collar class is generally in danger of monetary and political hazards, and this is the reason the issue of globalization persists.6 Globalization will keep on growing the hole between poor people and the rich as the couple of individuals in the created nations who have been rich enough to get instruction keep on taking the top employments, either locally or even universally, and be more extravagant, and the dominant part who don't have training keep on being jobless and without inco me.7 Those needy individuals won't be fit for teaching their youngsters, and the pattern will proceed. Then again, the rare sorts of people who are at the highest point of the financial stepping stool will have the option to train their kids, and this implies the couple of rich will keep on getting more extravagant while the larger part poor will keep on being more unfortunate. India’s work showcase was one of the first to enormously profit by globalization as it was the favored goal for business process redistributing. Because of numerous western outdoors in Indian urban communities searching for instructed jobless people to do their call place work, numerous youthful and taught men profited and began procuring pay rates they couldn't have longed for, particularly for a call specialist. The issue with this was not every person in India is instructed and whenever these open doors came,... This report focuses on that â€Å"education contrasts have assumed a major job in transforming globalization openings into revile for creating countries†. This is a major issue in creating nations in light of the fact that in these nations, barely any individuals are instructed and accordingly can't make the most of these open doors realized by globalization. Creating nations likewise have ladies who are commonly considerably less instructed than their male partners. This is not at all like in the created existence where the hole between the informed guys and females is shutting everything down. This implies ladies in creating nations will be influenced adversely significantly more than the male partners in similar nations since they are less inclined to have the option to take up the talented work openings. Globalization has likewise helped in boosting the nearby work numbers in creating nations through supporting neighborhood organizations. This paper makes an end that globalization has both positive and negative effects. With respect to the work showcase, globalization has brought both great and unfriendly effects. Be that as it may, the negative effects appear to exceed the positive ones and, if not put within proper limits, these negative effects may wind up having a genuine ramifications for the worldwide economy as opposed to just for the creating scene. Accordingly, it is vital that the issue of globalization be taken a gander at genuinely and any future issues be explained so as to evade a negative impact on the worldwide economy.

Management of technology Essay Example for Free

The board of innovation Essay Clarify the term â€Å"Technofact. † How would it be able to be utilized to characterize Technology, and Management of Technology? Clarify the worth and favorable position of the term Technofact, contrasted with different definitions and regular understanding about innovation. Clarify the shortcomings, missing components, and logical inconsistencies in this term. Technofact is a reproducible item made by people. By reproducible I allude to any item (substantial or virtual) of which the expectation of its human maker was to make a greater amount of the very same, utilizing a similar technique. Once weve characterized technofact, we can center the term innovation around this substance, and to characterize it as the ability of making technofacts (or the human capacity of making reproducible articles). Innovation isn't simply the specialized item but instead the ability of making it over on over once more. Different fields of science focus on comprehension and social affair information around the element that is in the focal point of the science being referred to while the innovation â€Å"science† is a capacity, which is more than just a comprehension. On the information assembled, the term typifies the creation itself, the expertise. The various parts of the way to build up that capacity should be composed and overseen, accordingly, the board of innovation must be characterized on the off chance that we separate the term innovation from the articles, the technofacts, as one can not oversee objects. The vast majority of the conventional meanings of the term innovation are either erroneous or excessively expansive. Erroneous when the definition allude to objects (devices, items) as the innovation itself. Too wide when the definition allude to any human movement (van Wyk), which may incorporate types of craftsmanship that can not be considered as an innovation. Another expansive methodology can be found in definitions that consider any nature control as an innovation (is route by stars an innovation? ). There are three cases in which I discover trouble with the term technofact as the focal element that innovation manages: 1. At the point when the item has an acquired irregular component: Consider a PC program that makes arbitrary songs (or drawings) wonderful to the human ear (or eye), in view of some numerical standards. The program itself is clearly a virtual technofact, however are the new tunes or drawings made by it can likewise be considered technofacts? Clearly, they are being made again and again utilizing a similar innovation, yet each time the program produces something other than what's expected. 2. At the point when the item is a characteristic article or asset: For instance in horticulture. Carrots can't be considered technofacts, yet there is clearly an innovation to develop carrots. The instruments which are utilized all the while (a furrow or a consolidate) are technofacts, which ranchers use to create the harvest itself, however they are not the reproducible item the innovation manages. Another models can be mining innovations. The finished result is the removed material, which can not be viewed as a technofact. 3. At the point when the item is an activity: For instance, the ability to lift overwhelming loads. A crane is a technofact, yet it isn't the reproducible item this particular innovation empower to recreate. The reproducible article for this situation isn't an item yet rather an activity. What is a â€Å"Technology-Based Organization†? Give a model for a TBO and non-TBO. Can an organization be a TBO temporarily? Clarify and give a model. An innovation based association is an association that utilizes innovation to make financial worth or to make a serious business advantage over other contending associations. The association can be constantly seeking after mechanical upgrades, producing technofacts or both. This sort of an association will be interminably viewed as a TBO. Then again a non-TBO association can get one temporarily, on the off chance that it joins another innovation to improve its procedures, along these lines making a bit of leeway over its rivals. During the way toward acclimatizing the innovation and the time that takes different players to utilize a similar innovation, a non-TBO association can be viewed as a TBO, as it makes financial worth utilizing innovation. Consider a nonexistent conventional dairy that used to deliver milk in the old draining design, utilizing the ranchers hands and a major decent basin. Sooner or later the rancher chose to procure a draining machine from his specialist companion that had as of late settled a draining gear manufacturing plant utilizing his own creations. The rancher introduced the machine in his homestead and showed his child how to utilize it, so he can calmly resign. During the following couple of years, the ranchers kid increased a favorable position over his neighbor ranchers, purchased more cows, made a little fortune and built up another dairy organization (which he called after his father). Hardly any years after the fact, after the various ranchers had done likewise, the ranchers kid chose to introduce computerized thermometers in the dairy (obtained from exactly the same draining gear plant), and turned into the main milk supplier to the whole area, with the notoriety of having the freshest milk around. Once more, accomplishing a financial favorable position utilizing new innovation. This dairy had become a TBO for brief timeframes during its reality, while the draining gear processing plant that had concocted and fabricated the hardware was a TBO consistently. Clarify the term â€Å"White Spaces† with regards to mechanical development. How could this term be utilized in an association to help arranging and dynamic about development? Void areas are the two discretionary holes among advances and applications. The principal hole exists when there is a need in the market yet no answer for coordinate it. The subsequent hole happens when there is an innovation out there that has the ability to deliver a technofact that nobody comprehends how to manage. A technofact that didn't yet discover the â€Å"ultimate product† it empowers (where theres a route however there is no â€Å"will†). Imaginative association can either top off the primary hole by seeking after new advances to coordinate the unanswered market needs, or they can center their endeavors around understanding the capability of existing advances and to utilize them to grow new historic applications. Blueprints the perils and dangers related with quick innovative advancement to society and people. Is it accurate to say that you are critical or hopeful about it? What can and should we do as a general public and as people to profit by innovation and stay away from the dangers. The threats and dangers that fast developing advancements join can come from numerous points of view, shapes and structures as indicated by the innovation area. From the lose of protection through wellbeing endangering, moral issues and mass devastation weapons, they all make them thing in like manner †the pace of the innovation selection and advancement has gotten quicker than the pace of the capacity to extensively understanding its suggestions. Effective advancements are spreading quickly, securing life of their own and â€Å"forcing† individuals to utilize them so as to make due in the cutting edge society. Regardless of whether someone in particular chooses to revolt and not to utilize a particular innovation straightforwardly, it despite everything may change the condition this individual lives in, to influence and jeopardize im nonetheless (e. g. PDAs). The lose of opportunity delivered by certain advances is its very own major cost that society and people need to pay. History reveals to us that alarm from new advances had consistently existed, and we are most likely encountering the equivalent unjustified dread of the obscure that the vehicle exacted on society a hundred years prior. Yet, the issue with history is that it can just clarify the past, while the present is not normal for anything humankind envisioned previously. I dont accept that legislative guidelines planning to limit innovation can work over the long haul, however so as to control probably a portion of the dangers, governments ought to coordinate all inclusive on certain issues to manage advances like the manner in which new prescriptions and medications are dealt with. As people, we should assume liability for our wellbeing and virtues, to manage it consistently among ourselves, to know about the dangers we are taking and not to become daze addicts for anything new. In any case, Im critical with respect to the ability of humanity to do that and conquer its essential childish nature.

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History (Biography Reviews) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

History (Biography Reviews) - Essay Example In depicting his previous crusades, I have had plan of action to a lot more full material than in the last bits. The reports of many subordinate leaders, Union and Confederate, have been distributed, and there are even basic critiques upon these, which watch the student of history against blunder. 1 The book gives presents just the military vocation of Grant despite the fact that there are a few sections that address his own life, for example, Chapter II which gives a foundation of his youth and Cadet Life. Some way or another, there is a decent method of reasoning for covering just Grant’s abuses since he is an extremely private individual . Despite the fact that there are times where his morals have been addressed, that has occurred after the war. Like any person who has been famous, there is constantly a tendency for legislative issues. The book’s grouping of occasions is organized sequentially with the arrangement of occasions starting with the beginning of the war. Notwithstanding, the author’s principle reason for existing was not so much to really expound of the war as communicated in the Preface. His works were for the most part centered around the plans made by the General, the manner in which the arrangement was executed just as the outcomes of his battle. Maybe, the author’s intention is to show the perusers the General’s plans and his accomplishments. Sadly, the creator can't examine totally the themes without diving into numerous subtleties, for example, dates and names of individuals included. The book was just about a diary that detailed the every day skirmishes of the subject. This makes the life story extremely genuine since it was composed during the time that it occurred. Besides, the writer actually realized the subject which makes the book a decent essential source. The author’s central matter of view is that Grant was a fruitful General as he said â€Å"Grant is the primary fighter of the age, and the most recognized American of the Regenerated Republic†2 . The account is suggested for perusers who are keen on a point by point portrayal of military

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Want to Master Your Synthesis Essay Assignment Heres How.

Want to Master Your Synthesis Essay Assignment Heres How. Despite the intimidation evoked by its scientific name, a synthesis essay isnt any more difficult to write than other types of essays if you know what to avoid. For example, a common mistake writers make is trying to hone in on their topic right away, just as they would with other essaysâ€"a synthesis essay just doesnt work like that.But before we delve into what not to do, lets first discuss what a synthesis essay is and the purpose for writing one. A synthesis essay assignment will test whether you not only can understand information that is presented in multiple sources, but also if you can synthesize that information on a broader scope or higher level of thinking. It tests if you can find relationships that exist between the sources combined, and then go one step further to develop your own thesis that both sources could defend.Avoid writing an argumentative essay insteadWhile sometimes confused with an argumentative essay, a synthesis essay indeed presents an argumentâ€"but ther e is more to it than that.The goal of an argumentative essay is for you to assert and defend a thesis about a controversial issue. In the process of outlining the introduction of an argumentative essay, youll state your thesis and then provide evidence that affirms your claims in the body. This evidence will be information or quotes from several reliable sourcesâ€"sources that you may or may not have accessed before. And finally, in a great argumentative essay, you will present the opposing side, as well.In contrast, a synthesis essay veers away from the argumentative essay in that the resources are usually pre-determined, often by the teacher assigning the essay, and your first task is to find a notable relationship or common thread that is between them.The synthesis essay assignmentTo better understand the thinking process that goes into a synthesis essay, lets look at an example.Jean is a college student working on a degree in Climatology. She has been given a synthesis essay ass ignment in one of her upper-level science courses. The professor of the course instructed the students to use two specific resources in their synthesis. The first is an article from Live Science entitled Global Warming: Official Report Shows Climate Change is Human-Caused. The second is an article published in Climate, a peer-reviewed journal, entitled A 133-Year Record of Climate Change and Variability from Sheffield, England.Since this is a synthesis essay assignment, Jeans first stepâ€"even before outlining or thinking about a thesisâ€"is to read the two resources in depth. This doesnt mean skimming them or reading summaries of them. Rather, this requires a thorough knowledge of the information contained within the resource. Multiple readings may be required but these will make the daunting task of writing the synthesis essay significantly less daunting.So, after Jean reads (or listens to, or watches) the assigned resources, Jean then takes a moment (or days!) to hash out the inf ormation in her head to find a common thread that runs between them. To do this, she must first ask herself the following questions:What is an idea, theme, or commonality that connects the sources to each other?What is my thesis concerning this idea, theme, or commonality?How can my thesis be given supporting evidence from both sources?By determining the answers to these important questions, Jean will use a higher-level order of thinking to find a thread of connection between the multiple sources, and then use those sources to defend a thesis that they all support. So yes, she is writing a type of argumentative essay in that she determines a thesis and substantiates it. The difference is in how and when she arrives at that thesis.Great topics versus not-so-great onesIts important at this step to be sure that the thesis you use is narrow enough to be covered in the scope of the synthesis essay assignment. When a topic that is chosen is too broad, the writer will have a difficult time writing a succinct, well-rounded synthesis essay.Lets take a look at some topics to avoid when writing your essay.A synthesis on religionA synthesis about gender issuesA synthesis covering foreign relationsChoosing one of these topics to write your synthesis essay is inviting a lot of trouble, particularly because it is impossible to cover the scope of them. No one essay can adequately discuss religion, gender issues, or foreign relations, and the result of attempting to do so will almost certainly result in a highly-disorganized synthesis essay.Better topics would be as follows.A synthesis on Christian mysticism.A synthesis on the changing role of women in America.A synthesis on the current economic ties between China and the United States.Avoid straddling the fenceAnother mistake to avoid here is not picking a side on the issue. If you begin your synthesis essay with a thesis statement that straddles the fence, so to speak, you will have a difficult (if not impossible) task ahead of you in synthesizing the sources. As with an argumentative essay, when writing a synthesis essay, you need to choose the side youre on in the argument and show evidence from your sources that will substantiate your claim.Finding common threads across various sources requires higher-order level thinking skills.So now that you understand the process of writing a synthesis essay, lets move on to the standard outline for it. As with any essay assignment, beginning the writing process without an outline is similar to running a train without tracks. The result will be writing that is disorganized, at best, and guaranteed to confuse your reader.IntroductionSo, lets begin with the introduction. The introduction of a synthesis essay is like the introduction of any other essay in that its purpose is to state the thesis and give the reader a general introduction to the topic. However, thats where the similarities between introductions for argumentative essays and introductions for synthesis essays end.The main difference is that in synthesis essay writing, you will use the introduction to state your thesis as well your sources used. In other types of essay writing, in-text citations are used throughout the body to show sources, and rarely used in the introduction. However, since the purpose of the synthesis essay is to synthesize, you need to immediately show your reader which sources you synthesized and the thesis you arrived at after doing so.Heres the basic structure of a synthesis essay introduction. Keep in mind that in the process of stating your sources, the authors name should be included, as well as the title of the source. After that, you can include a summary of the authors biographical information or research background to establish his or her expertise on the topic.For our hypothetical students synthesis essay assignment, in the introduction, Jean would write her thesis and give a brief overview of both (or all) sources used. In this case, Jean chose the following as her thesis:Global warming is often labeled as a hoax, but there is strong scientific evidence that supports it.She would then provide information and in-text citations to guide the reader directly to the information she gleaned from the sources she synthesized.BodyThe two most important rules of writing the body of a synthesis essay is to:Begin each paragraph with information; andShow examples from your sources that prove your point.The length of the body will depend on your papers length and the number of sources used. When two sources are given, you can devote one paragraph to one source and one paragraph to the other.Avoid summarizing the sourcesThis is the point where a lot of writers fail at the task of writing a great synthesis essay. Remember at the beginning when we discussed how knowing what not to do will make the assignment easier? Heres a great example of that.Many writers will make the mistake of using the paragraphs within the body to summarize the informa tion from each source. However, in a synthesis essay assignment, your task is not to explain what the source is aboutâ€"rather, your task is to show a theme or idea that is a common thread in both sources. This is why reading both sources carefully and fully before beginning the writing process is so crucial.Lets take a step back and look at the difference between writing a summary and writing a synthesis. First, and most importantly, determining a summary is a basic reading technique, while synthesis is an advanced level technique. In writing a summary, you are presenting a cursory overview of the source, while a synthesis requires a focus on the main ideas and the details that connect them. A synthesis should show how the writer achieves new insights from the information presented in the sources, while a summary simply demonstrates an understanding of the information. Basically, a summary is reviewing what has already been written, while a synthesis is a new idea that develops aft er reading and carefully analyzing multiple sources.Here are examples to show the difference of Jean summarizing versus synthesizing.SummaryIn her article, Global Warming: Official Report Shows Climate Change is Human-Caused, the author uses an infographic based on the U.S. National Climate Assessment report showing the following: 1) all signs point to global warming, 2) there are both human and natural influences on climate change, and 3) there are observable trends toward heavier precipitation.SynthesisIf global warming were a hoax, its a well-documented one. In her article, Global Warming: Official Report Shows Climate Change is Human-Caused, the author uses data taken from the U.S. National Climate Assessment to show a definite global warming trend that includes increased precipitation. Those same trends are also shown in an article published in the Climate Journal entitled A 133-Year Record of Climate Change and Variability from Sheffield, England. In their longitudinal study, the authors point to 133 years of recorded data that show that the planet is warming. The numbers, in these cases, do not lie.An image of the earth taken by four different satellites. Source: NASA.ConclusionNow that youve made it through the most difficult part, the conclusion should be easy. In a synthesis essay, the conclusion is simply a reminder of your thesis and how it is supported in the resources you used. This is the place where you can suggest further research on the topic, or show limitations in the sources presented. If there are other sides to the topic that you havent covered anywhere else in your paper, bring those up too. Then point out why your thesis holds more weight.

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2019 Best Brightest Simran Mishra, University of Minnesota (Carlson)

Simran Mishra 2019 Best Brightest: Simran Mishra, University of Minnesota (Carlson) by: Jeff Schmitt on March 24, 2019 | 0 Comments Comments 1,760 Views March 24, 2019Simran MishraUniversity of Minnesota, Carlson School of Managementâ€Å"Passionate about student advocacy and impact-driven business, motivated by the phrase â€Å"live what you love.†Fun fact about yourself: I was recently interviewed for a BBC Documentary on sexual violence cases in U.S. college campuses – keep an eye out for it on Netflix!Hometown: Golden Valley, Minnesota and Bhubaneswar, Odisha, IndiaHigh School: Hopkins High SchoolMajor: FinanceMinor: Math, Business Analytics, and Global StudiesFavorite Business Course: FINA 3001 – Introduction to Finance with Rick Nelson because it helped me realize my passion for Finance.Extracurricular Activities, Community Work and Leadership Roles During College:Extracurricular ActivitiesStudent Body President (2018-19)University of Minnesota Alumni Association, Member (2018 – 19)Student Government, Speaker of Forum (2017-18)Net Impact, Social Impact Chair (2017 – 18)Honors Research Assistant (2016 – 18)Office of Equity and Diversity Student Advisory Board (2016-17)Indian Student Association, Finance Chair (2016 – 17)AwardsCarlson’s 2018 Student of the YearPresident Scholarship RecipientGold Scholar AwardDean’s List (all academic semesters)Where have you interned during your college career? Optum, Financial Planning and Analysis Intern, Eden Prairie, MNEY, Risk Advisory Intern, Minneapolis, MNBoston Consulting Group, Summer Associate, Minneapolis, MNWhere will you be working after graduation? Boston Consulting Group as an Associate in the Minneapolis office!What company do you admire most? I really admire the company Thinx, which makes reusable and safe feminine hygiene products. Their products are gender-inclusive, body positive, environmentally-friendly. In addition to championing an innovative p roduct, the company also has a social mission of empowering, educating, and providing hygiene products for underserved people with periods.What did you enjoy most about your business school? I love being surrounded by highly motivated, passionate, and intelligent students from various business backgrounds in Carlson. I’m in awe of the entrepreneurs, campus leaders, researchers, and other peers that continue to push me to become the best version of myself.What is the biggest lesson you gained from studying business? There is room for everyone to succeed. Specifically, you do not have to â€Å"beat† others to get to the top. There is a common misconception about the competitive nature of being a business student. However, there is no singular formula or definition of success. More importantly, we owe it to our community to create room for everyone to succeed. Marginalized populations such as students of color, LGBTQ communities, etc. still face so many barriers when it c omes to pursuing a successful career in business. Not only do I owe everything to my mentors and peers who believe in me, but I also owe it to my mentees and peers to pay it forward.What advice would you give to a student looking to major in a business-related field? Study business! You will learn both soft and hard skills that will help with any career you choose to pursue. However, don’t forget to take some classes outside your major/business curriculum. I strongly believe that my Finance degree has been enriched by the upper-division marketing, computer science, math, and global studies classes I have taken. Taking a wide variety of courses will help sharpen your critical thinking skills and strengthen your ability to solve a diverse set of problems.What has surprised you most about majoring in business? I’ve been surprised by how versatile and applicable my skills are. When I entered my major, I thought I would only be able to secure a job in Finance. However, the ability to recognize business problems, find sensible solutions, and present compelling arguments opened a lot of opportunities for me. It’s been so neat to see the different career paths my friends are pursuing – from traditional paths like consulting or investment banking to more non-traditional routes like political advocacy.â€Å"If I didn’t major in business, I would be majoring in or studying†¦Computer Science or Global Studies. In addition to challenging me, my programming courses have taught me how to simplify and automate processes. On the other hand, it has also been interesting to learn about the impact of colonialism/post-colonialism on the societies and economies of the Global North and South. This history continues to shape the way we view and practice business. I would love to dive deeper into either of these fields.†Who most influenced your decision to pursue business in college? My dad had a major influence in my decision to pursue a career in business. From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by human behavior, innovative products, and creative business tactics. However, my dad pieced together my love for business even before I did. Although I’m the first person, my family, to study business, my dad always pushed me to take risks and follow my passions. In fact, anytime I’m hesitant to pursue an opportunity or address a challenge, my dad is in my corner, telling me I can do everything I set my mind to.Which academic, extracurricular or personal achievement are you most proud of? I’m most proud to be able to serve my University and my 30,000 peers as Student Body President. Even though I spend 40+ hours a week as President in addition to being a full-time student, it is extremely rewarding to be able to improve the student experience in regard to mental health, sexual assault, campus climate, affordability, and so much more. I’m supported by an amazing staff of 35 students and 2 0 interns, all equally as dedicated to improving our campus.When I first immigrated to the U.S. as a young child, I felt displaced and voiceless for years. Developing confidence to advocate for me took a considerable amount of time. Now, I have the opportunity to advocate for 30,000 students like me, including students who continue to feel displaced and voiceless in our community.Which classmate do you most admire? I deeply admire Amy Ma, who is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Management Information Systems (now also considering a third major!). In addition to being a brilliant student, Amy is heavily invested in the campus community. She is a member of a business fraternity, a cultural student group, student government, and much more. However, as much as I admire her dedication to school and extracurricular activities, I admire her even more for her humility, kindness, and sense of humor. This woman will literally change the world – so remember her name and get you r autographs in now.Who would you most want to thank for your success? A million thank you’s for my mom would not be enough. Throughout my college career, she has gone above and beyond to  support me in every way possible. For the last four years, she has dropped off meals every week, just to make my life a little easier. She has proofread all my assignments, papers, and presentations. We talk at least 3 times a day over the phone – she is always there for advice and support. I don’t know where I would be without her!What are the top two items on your bucket list? See the first female President of the United StatesVisit Dharamshala in IndiaWhat are your hobbies? I love to travel and experience new cultures (especially new foods!). I also love to cook, read, and practice yoga.What made Simran such an invaluable addition to the Class of 2019?â€Å"Simran is one of the very best students I have had at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School Managemen t. She is an excellent student, works very hard, and has a high intellectual curiosity, which leads to her sharing thoughtful perspectives. She has been a valuable member of Carlson’s Consulting Enterprise and the University of Minnesota’s Honors Program. She has demonstrated natural leadership as President of the Minnesota Student Association. She also leads through being a great team member to her classmates and mentoring younger students to help them understand how much they can achieve at a school like Carlson. In addition to all this, she is genuinely one of the nicest, most thoughtful people I know.   I feel very fortunate to have been associated with Simran as a faculty member here at Carlson.†John Molloy Senior Lecturer Finance Page 1 of 11

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Jenny Lind - Swedish Opera Singer Promoted By P.T. Barnum

Jenny Lind was a European opera star who came to America in 1850 for a tour promoted by the great showman Phineas T. Barnum. When her ship arrived in New York Harbor, the city went crazy. A massive crowd of more than 30,000 New Yorkers greeted her. And what makes that especially astounding is that no one in America had ever heard her voice. Barnum, who relished being known as The Prince of Humbug, had managed to create incredible excitement based purely on Linds reputation as The Swedish Nightinagle. The American tour lasted for about 18 months, with Jenny Lind appearing in more than 90 concerts in American cities. Wherever she went, her public image of a virtuous songbird who dressed modestly and donated money to local charities gained favorable mentions in the newspapers. After about a year, Lind split from Barnums management. But the atmosphere created by Barnum in promoting a singer no one in America had even heard became legendary, and in some ways created a template for show business promotion that endures to the modern era. Early Life of Jenny Lind Jenny Lind was born October 6, 1820 to an impoverished and unmarried mother in Stockholm, Sweden. Her parents were both musicians, and young Jenny began singing at a very early age. As a child she began formal music lessons, and by the age of 21 she was singing in Paris. She returned to Stockholm and performed in a number of operas. Throughout the 1840s her fame grew in Europe. In 1847 she performed in London for Queen Victoria, and her ability to make crowds swoon became legendary. Phineas T. Barnum Heard About, But Had Not Heard, Jenny Lind The American showman Phineas T. Barnum, who operated an extremely popular museum in New York City and was known for exhibiting the diminutive superstar General Tom Thumb, heard about Jenny Lind and sent a representative to make an offer to bring her to America. Jenny Lind drove a hard bargain with Barnum, demanding that he deposit the equivalent of nearly $200,000 in a London bank as an advance payment before she would sail to America. Barnum had to borrow the money, but he arranged for her to come to New York and embark on a concert tour of the United States. Barnum, of course, was taking a considerable risk. In the days before recorded sound, people in America, including Barnum himself, had not even heard Jenny Lind sing. But Barnum knew her reputation for thrilling crowds, and set to work making Americans excited. Lind had acquired a new nickname, â€Å"The Swedish Nightingale,† and Barnum made sure that Americans heard about her. Rather than promote her as a serious musical talent, Barnum made it sound like Jenny Lind was some mystical being blessed with a heavenly voice. 1850 Arrival in New York City Jenny Lind sailed from Liverpool, England, in August 1850 aboard the steamship Atlantic. As the steamer entered New York harbor, signal flags let crowds know that Jenny Lind was arriving. Barnum approached in a small boat, boarded the steamship, and met his star for the first time. As the Atlantic approached its dock at the foot of Canal Street massive crowds began to gather. According to a book published in 1851, Jenny Lind in America, â€Å"some thirty or forty thousand people must have must have been collected together on the adjacent piers and shipping, as well as on all the roofs and in all the windows fronting the water.† The New York police had to push back the enormous crowds so Barnum and Jenny Lind could take a carriage to her hotel, the Irving House on Broadway. As night fell a parade of New York fire companies, carrying torches, escorted a group of local musicians who played serenades to Jenny Lind. Journalists estimated the crowd that night at  more than 20,000 revelers. Barnum had succeeded in drawing enormous crowds to Jenny Lind before she had even sung a single note in America. First Concert in America During her first week in New York, Jenny Lind made excursions to various concert halls with Barnum, to see which might be good enough to hold her concerts. Crowds followed their progress about the city, and anticipation for her concerts kept growing. Barnum finally announced that Jenny Lind would sing at Castle Garden. And as demand for tickets was so great, he announced that the first tickets would be sold by auction. The auction was held, and the first ticket to a Jenny Lind concert in America was sold for $225, an expensive concert ticket by today’s standards and a simply staggering amount in 1850. Most of the tickets to her first concert sold for about six dollars, but the publicity surrounding someone paying more than $200 for a ticket served its purpose. People across America read about it, and it seemed the whole country was curious to hear her. Lind’s first New York City concert was held at Castle Garden on September 11, 1850, before a crowd of about 1,500. She sang selections from operas, and finished with a new song written for her as a salute to the United States. When she had finished, the crowd roared and demanded that Barnum take the stage. The great showman came out and gave a brief speech in which he stated that Jenny Lind was going to donate a portion of the proceeds from her concerts to American charities. The crowd went wild. American Concert Tour Everywhere she went there was a Jenny Lind mania. Crowds greeted her and every concert sold out nearly immediately. She sang in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Richmond, Virginia, and Charleston, South Carolina. Barnum even arranged for her to sail to Havana, Cuba, where she sang several concerts before sailing to New Orleans. After performing concerts in New Orleans, she sailed up the Mississippi on a riverboat. She performed in a church in the town of Natchez to a wildly appreciative rustic audience. Her tour continued to St. Louis, Nashville, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and other cities. Crowds flocked to hear her, and those who couldn’t hear get tickets marveled at her generosity, as newspapers ran reports of the charitable contributions she was making along the way. At some point Jenny Lind and Barnum parted ways. She continued performing in America, but without Barnum’s talents at promotion she was not as big a draw. With the magic seemingly gone, she returned to Europe in 1852. Jenny Lind’s Later Life Jenny Lind married a musician and conductor she had met on her American tour, and they settled in Germany. By the late 1850s they moved to England, where she was still quite popular.  She became  ill in the 1880s, and died in 1887, at the age of 67. Her obituary in the Times of London estimated that her American tour had earned her $3 million, with Barnum making several times more.